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Ye Olde Stuff

The original Left Hook! site:

  Sept. 12, 2001 - Sept. 15, 2001

  Sept. 16, 2001 - Sept. 21, 2001

  Sept. 22, 2001 - Sept. 28, 2001

  Sept. 29, 2001 - Nov. 9, 2001

  Nov. 10, 2001 - Dec. 14, 2001


 Aug. 29
We're Back, & Before Us Looms Iraq

Sept. 4
Sean Hannity Lectures Guest on History, But Doesn't Know Any

Sept. 8
A War In Search of A Rationale

Sept. 10
Bush & Iraq:
If A Bombshell Explodes in the Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

Sept. 14
Bush Takes Iraq to the UN

 Sept. 16
The Real Case for a War With Iraq (From a Liberal Perspective)

 Sept. 23
Iraq: "Forget the Hype; It's All About Politics"

 Sept. 30
The Impunity of Rumsfeld's Dickens

 Oct. 1
"True Patriotism," or The More Things Change...

 Oct. 3
Bush Chases the Payoff

 Oct. 6
"Hitler Revisited" Revisited

 Oct. 9
"President" Beats the Drums of War Without Any Sticks

 Oct. 14

 Oct. 15
David Barton Strikes Again: Reactionary Propagandist Maligns James Madison

 Oct. 22
Brief Notes on American Foreign Policy, With A Particular Focus on Iraq

 Oct. 25
In Memory...

 Nov. 5
"The Game of Politics," or The More Things Change, part II

 Nov. 22
Iraq Strategy Pays Off


 Feb. 20
Winning Friends & Influencing People: The Bush Method

 Feb. 24
Interventions & What Ails 'Em

 Feb. 26
Saddam-Lovers? Mixed Left Reactions to the Right's Latest Smear

 Feb. 28
That Liberal Media, At It Again On Iraq...

 March 5
Iraq & Al Qaida: What Is the Truth?

 March 6
The Bush Administration & the Truth: Natural Enemies

 March 14
Francophobes Lie!

 March 19
War, Again

March 31
War, Some More

 April 4
War in Iraq: Horowitz vs. the Mythkiller

 April 30
As the Iraqi Quagmire Enters Its Next Phase...

 May 9
The Lawless Bush Administration

 June 11
"The Democratic Machine and Its Media Allies":
David Limbaugh Stands Up for Bush

 June 13
Two New Reports Shed Light on Bogus Iraq-Niger Uranium Deal

June 26
A Victory for America

 July 6
The Ambassador Speaks: Adds Further Fuel to Fire Over Pre-War Iraq Intel

July 8
Just the Fact-Checker, On the Phony Iraq-Niger Uranium Deal

 July 24
Cheney Fires Back, But He's Only Shooting Blanks


 Jan. 12
Former Bush Treasury Secretary Confirms It All

 May 22
What's Up with the Psychotic Republican Power-Grab?

 June 22
Downing Street Blues

 Sept. 27
Bush is With Bin Laden

Vintage Stuff
Things not specifically written for this site, but that definitely belong here.

 Mythmakers & Clinton The Liberal
Bill Clinton really is a sign of how far to the right American institutions have lurched--while pilloried as a "socialist," he was actually more conservative, from a policy standpoint, than Bush Sr., his Republican predecessor, and, looking at him generically, his governance would have been regarded by any neutral observer as mainstream conservative Republican right up until he came into office. This is a piece detailing the real Clinton record, written during the 1996 presidential race.

 Mythmakers & Joe Lieberman The Liberal
A piece I wrote some years ago about Brent Bozell's amusing efforts to convert Connecticut's right-wing "Democratic"
Senator Joe Lieberman into a liberal, just after Lieberman had been tapped by Al Gore as his Vice Presidential
candidate in the 2000 election.

 Mythmakers & Al Gore The Liar
Here's a piece written as the 2000 presidential election campaign was winding down, challenging the character
assassination campaign aimed, by the press, the Republican party, and, most importantly, the Media Research Center,
at then-Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore. It's less an article than a catalog of sins, but it
said something that needed saying, and it's worth reprinting here.

 Mythmakers & Al Gore The Liar: A Follow-Up
As it says, a short follow-up to the above article, covering the use, by conservative writers, of lies about Al Gore. Meant to be read after the original article.

These article began life as a series of untitled posts to various boards and groups I frequented over the years. I created them because, whenever the subject of Iraq came up, I so often found myself covering the same ground. Over time, they became an evolving compendium of information on the Bush administration's Iraq policy. For quickie knock-off message board posts that condense this much information, they're not bad. I gave them the name "The Iraqi Papers" because it makes them sound more important than "A Whole Buncha' Message Board Posts On Iraq."

 The Road to War

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #1: Browbeating the Intelligence Community

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #2: Bush's Non-Intelligent Estimate

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #3: The Cabal

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #4: Down The Tubes

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #5: Discharges From the Col[o]n

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #6: Satel-Lies

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #7: Anatomy of a Speech

 Pre-War Intel Manipulation #8: A Hell of a Punchline

 The Iraq Survey Group & Its Conclusions

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