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Left Hook! percolated as an idea in mind for a long time--a site dedicated to daily hard-hitting, no-holds-barred left commentary on events in the news. It would seek out contributions from progressive writers of all stripes and act as an alternative, however modest, to the daily grind of conservative blather that bombards us from the no-liberals-allowed corporate press. It came to fruition in the immediate aftermath of the worst terrorist attack on the United States in history, and from September 12, until December 14, 2001, it performed its task admirably, with a special emphasis on the emerging War On Terrorism. Unfortunately, it also performed its task to little notice and failed to attract sufficient contributors. When the demands of continuing the site became too much for your humble editor, I packed it up and called it a day. Here for posterity, then, is the complete archive of the original Left Hook! site.

-- Classicliberal2,
humble editor

 Sept. 12, 2001 - Sept. 15, 2001

 Sept. 16, 2001 - Sept. 21, 2001

 Sept. 22, 2001 - Sept. 28, 2001

 Sept. 29, 2001 - Nov. 9, 2001

 Nov. 10, 2001 - Dec. 14, 2001